Border is used to enhance the interior decoration of your tiled floor and wall. Presence of continuous wall tile in bathroom or on the other wall of your room usually makes a...

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Metal Listello

Metal listello borders of Orego Metal Co. adds a touch of luxury to the tiled area and can be used as both horizontally and  vertically depending on the desired look. Choice of...

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Ceramic Listello Tile

Wide collection of  ceramic listello tiles of Orego Metal Co. is dedicated to innovative design in order to satisfy all  futur home owners and interior design  proffesionals....

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Bathroom Design

The interior designers prefer listello over other materials when whole wall, floor to ceiling goes to be embellished with application. While not that visual break by incorporating...

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Listello is nothing but a range of border profiles that is used to enhance the decorative profile of wall and floor tile, especially in case of bathroom tile installations. It helps to create an outline either on a floor or a unique pattern is developed in the center of the room. The listello profiles are available in aluminium or stainless steel and designed to complement the range of metal edge trim profiles offered by Orego Metal Co. Listello is available in a variety of depths and widths, and Orego Metal Co. offers these profiles as a cost effective alternative to borders of ceramic tile or to compliment and may be used as supplementary in conjunction. The profiles can also be colored to match the surrounding interior of your room.

In order to enhance the beauty of floor a range of border profiles is used during the tile installations process. The listello profiles are cost effective solution and can be used as an alternative of ceramic borders. Orego Metal Co. manufactures different types of listello profiles which are compatible with the variety of metal edge trim made by them. It will help us to innovate new border profile rather than the standard ceramic borders. Orego Metal Co. offers listello profiles with various colors that can be used to complement the different types of tiles available in the market. Wood and aluminium listello profiles or a design listello profile are used together to enhance the beauty of your floor or wall.

Metal listello is made of either copper or wrought iron and patterned with old World design. This type of listello offered by Orego Metal Co. are used in stone flooring, and kitchen back splashes to give a earthy, rustic look of old world. Metal listello is used with dark porcelain tile, slate, and granite. Metal tile listello are accent piece of designs that are to be installed for tiled walls. The Orego Metal Co.’s tile listello is available in wide variety of range in order to assist in creating decorative effects within tile wall covers. The listello are installed during the process of tile installation. The metal tile listello provides a border profile that helps to create eye appealing wall coverings. The stainless steel tile listello can be used ceramic listello trim. In highly corrosive environments metal listello is recommended.

Listello, an ornamental tile profiles, are designed to provide a distinctive look to your home. Without that visual break by incorporating listello, large field of tile work will appear monotonous. It is a series of tile work which contains several designs with different shapes, textures, contrast colors, and materials. Ceramic listello tiles are used in backsplashes, murals, borders, floor medallions. Ceramic listello wall tiles add unique design and style to household. Listello is ancient idea and now a day we use it as decorative border, scaled down, and most often inside the home between the joint of the two different wall tiles. You can change uninteresting tile layout of your bedroom into a design statement using listello. Orego Metal Co. offers ceramic listello tile that is used as attractive coverings for your floors.

A listello is in great demand by the interior designers when an entire wall, floor to ceiling is going to be decorated with tiling especially for the bathroom design. Without that visual break by incorporating listello, large field of tile work will appear monotonous. Listello are more than just tiles of a different color. They tend to be textured, decorative, three-dimensional, and eye appealing and hence expensive. But the expense should matter little; limited quantities of listello tiles are used. Listello of Orego Metal Co. is available in a vast range that can be ceramic, porcelain, glass, metal, and even resin. Listello trims of Orego Metal Co. are commonly used to highlight certain area of the bathroom design for wall decoration.

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